Pre-kick-off questions

Now that you have learned about the best ways on how to strategically tackle Starmind within your environment, it is time to dig a bit deeper.

We have prepared a few questions for you in order to reflect about the current situation within your company when it comes to company culture, knowledge exchange and visions. Furthermore, we would like you to think about how the implementation of  Starmind exactly can help you optimize internal processes. In order to help you to deploy Starmind in the best possible and suitable way for your company we would like to ask you to have a look at the following questions and to be able to provide us with the answers to them before we can start the rollout process. Of course we are fully aware that not each of the questions listed below might suit your situation, but this only gives us a chance to have an even closer look at them and think about your status quo.

  1. How do you exchange knowledge now? What works well with the current knowledge exchange process and what does not?
  2. In which processes of the respective departments do you see a high demand for knowledge exchange? 
  3. Is there an overload of tools (in the field of collaboration) within your company?
  4. Can you see a possible competitor (e.g. another tool) for Starmind within your company?
  5. Are there possible risks you can see for the implementation of Starmind?
  6. Do you expect internal resistance towards Starmind?
  7. Who could be possible supporters (ambassadors, multiplicators) of Starmind?
  8. Which exact processes in daily working life can be supported by Starmind?
  9. Which problems could Starmind possibly solve?
  10. How do you solve these problems nowadays with current processes?
  11. Which departments will be invited to use Starmind?
  12. How many employees work within those departments?
  13. Can Starmind cater to any strategic initiatives within your company?
  14. What is your expectation of Starmind?
  15. What are the main critical success factors for the usage of Starmind for you?
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