When it comes to communicating and promoting a project such as Starmind, there are three main goals: 

1. Making users aware of Starmind (result: employees log in) 
2. Encouraging users to participate (result: employees perform activities) 
3. Establish Starmind in the heads of the users on a long term (result: employees integrate Starmind into their day-to-day worklife) 

Every communication measure can aim at one or several of these goals. Other aspects to keep in mind are: 
  • Objectives of the project: Communication needs to be geared towards the fulfillments of the specific aims you have with Starmind (e.g. enhancing collaboration across countries, lowering help desk requests etc.)
  • Channels: Every employee uses and likes different channels. Being present on as many as possible makes sure that every user can be reached and feels included.
  • Message: A simple, clear and catchy message is most effective and makes sure users understand the purpose of Starmind instantly.
  • Consistency: The same message and story should be communicated throughout all channels.
  • Habits: Everyone has established ways of finding answers. Address why Starmind is better than these and why it's worth changing habits.
  • “Not yet another tool”: You probably have many tools in use already. Starmind is not "just another tool" and needs to be positioned accordingly.
  • Possible concerns and fears of employees: Make sure that employees understand that question authors remain anonymous, there are no efficiency controls and no access to private data.
  • Long-term planning: Communicating Starmind is not a one-off activity, but requires long-term planning. There is always something to communicate, e.g. activity stats, success stories, new features etc.

Our experience has shown that: 

  • A clear use case is crucial.
  • Word of mouth is the most powerful way of spreading a message.
  • Users love Starmind once they experience it.
  • The better users understand how Starmind works, the happier they are.
  • It is crucial that the management leads by example.

Communication workshop

In the process of preparing the onboarding of Starmind, your Customer Success Manager will approach you to set up a communication workshop. In this meeting, we will share any insights, ideas and templates and work together on a communication plan. Please make sure a delegate from your communications and/or change management team is available to attend the meeting and work on the communication of Starmind throughout the project.

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