Roll-out process

The Starmind Roll-out overview is defined as follows:

The set-up phase is the initial phase of the Starmind Rollout which is divided into "preparation" and "testing". In this phase, the collaboration between Starmind and you as the client is very close: it is important to learn how the Starmind software works, inform and convince all stakeholders, as well as set-up, pre-fill and customize the network to suit your employees' needs. It is crucial to do all these things thoroughly, as this establishes the base for the long-term success of the Starmind project. After all preparation work is done, testing will take place to make sure everything works as intended.

The project is initiated with a kick-off meeting which will be scheduled by your Starmind Customer Success Manager. This is where the scope and time frame of the rollout are discussed and the tasks of the set-up phase are explained and allocated.

The day when all users are invited to Starmind forms the natural end of the set-up phase and the beginning of the usage phase. The usage phase is divided into "onboarding" and "community management". 

After go-live, the community management work starts. This includes user support, activity reporting, creation and implementation of further communication measures as well as project management tasks on both sides. 

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