Pioneer program

In order to ensure a smooth onboarding process we have created the pioneer workshop. In this meeting, we will give designated pioneers from your company more insights to Starmind and its functionalities. We will also ask them for their help to promote Starmind within their departments. But, first things first. What are pioneers?

Everyone can be a pioneer! Of course, it really does make sense to involve employees from every participating department in the pioneer group. Ideally, a pioneer can also function as an ambassador and multiplicator for Starmind in order to make some noise for the platform ;-)

How many pioneers do I need for the workshop?

There is no specific number of pioneers which is essential. Commitment is more important than a quantitative number of participants. Generally, we would recommend at least 15 pioneers for smaller networks and up to 50-60 pioneers for bigger installations, although there is no actual limit of course.

What does a pioneer do?

Pioneers have a few vital functions:

  • We ask the pioneers to attend the workshop (in-person or remotely) for an introduction to Starmind and their role as Pioneers. 
  • Pioneers will be granted access to Starmind right after the workshop (usually 1-2 weeks before the Go Live date) so that they can post FAQ’s on the platform
  • Pioneers will also receive a prefilling template file and will be asked to collect at least 5 questions, they do not need to answer these questions. The day before Go Live we will upload all of these questions to Starmind. This will create an environment where the new users can login to an already growing network of questions. Our experience shows that by preparing your environment like this, new users will feel motivated to answer questions, recommend experts, and post questions of their own. 
  • Word of mouth! Pioneers should inform their peers about Starmind and provide information about the upcoming platform in their departments. We equip the pioneers with some slides so they can present Starmind in their team meetings and answer upcoming questions about Starmind.
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