Adoption project plan

Our Starmind adoption project plan is build on the following pillars: 


  • Kick-off with the project team 
  • Identify most important internal stakeholders
  • Define go-live date
  • Define new users that will have access on your Starmind
  • Pre-fill the platform with questions and answers
  • Managing the content by adding categories and tags to the questions
  • Define pioneer group that will support your users and have an eye on the content
  • Schedule a training with the pioneers (about 30 minutes each session). Be clear about the task they should do and how much time is needed for their activities per week (answering questions, connecting to the right experts, content management in general). 
  • Plan communication (E-Mail, Intranet, SharePoint, presentations etc.)
  • Plan integrations (RSS, OpenSearch, HTML widget, mobile app, desktop app etc.)
  • Plan connectors
  • Define target KPIs: what would you like to measure?
  • Manage settings in the administration area: optional features
  • Read and spread information material: Quick Reference Guide, Video (Starmind in 90 seconds)
  • Check for more specific content regarding your roll-out


  • Test platform by project team and pioneer group
  • Upload final questions and answers
  • Test integrations 
  • Produce communication material


  • Import users in order for them to have access to Starmind
  • Send pre-information to your users one week before go-live date
  • Start communication as planned
  • Integrate communication in SharePoint, Intranet, via E-Mail etc. (ongoing)
  • Process Integration: make sure that Starmind is integrated in important processes (ongoing)


  • Invite users to ask and answer question on go-live date
  • Check if all the relevant admin settings are toggled on / off
  • Double check with your customer success manager if everything runs smoothly
  • Enjoy! 

Community Management

Our Customer Success Team collected some best practices around Community Management. Feel free to check out the Community Management article here

Download our adoption project template here: 

Adoption Project Plan Template

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