Content Quality

The Starmind platform facilitates the free flow of information across the entire organization. Our technology enables our clients to bust internal silos by bringing the knowledge & expertise of the entire organization together on one platform. 

In terms of content quality it has been proven, that in most cases the community is self-regulating to ensure the quality meets the expectations. In addition, the Starmind platform offers a variety of features which can help to maintain a high quality standard. 

Question escalation:

The question escalation function makes sure the number of unsolved questions can be managed and kept to a minimum. Learn more

Question reporting:

With this feature activated, inappropriate questions can be reported by any user at any time. Learn more

Solution approval:

The solution approval feature allows you to define one or several groups with one or several members each that have the opportunity to post answers not only in their name but also as part of a certain group. Learn more

Solution validation:

Solution validation can be activated to support keeping the content on Starmind up-to-date at any time. Learn more

Solution value:

This is a pop-up which appears when the question author rates an answer to his/her own question with 4 or 5 stars. Learn more

Solution acceptance: 

Once a question has been answered the question author has the option to officially accept the answer via the accept button. This will then be displayed above the answer which indicates to other users that the question author was satisfied with the response.

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