Optional Features

Starmind offers a wide range of features that can be used to boost user interaction, activation or help with analyzing the network. The following Features can be turned on and off by any Administrator with the Role "settings Admin" in the Admin Area under "Extensions":


This feature can be used to communicate news to users: new features you would like them to know about, new user groups that have been onboarded or any other news regarding your workplace or company. The title of the announcement always shows on top of the question stream and is highlighted in a blue color. Learn more


The category feature helps to bring structure into the Feed and an additional tag to each question. Learn more

Context Message

With this feature one can display a context message above every question that contains a particular tag. Learn more

Community guidelines

As for every company network it is beneficial to outline best practices guidelines on how to interact with the community. Learn more


The disclaimer can be implemented to appear at first login of a user and the client project team can decide about what content to include to the disclaimer. Each user has to accept these "terms of use" in order to proceed.  Learn more


With the gamification feature, users collect points for activities (asking questions, writing answers and receiving ratings) and thus, reach new levels according to their score. Learn more

Inactive User Interaction

If the "inactive user interaction" feature is activated, any user who has been imported into the admin area (no matter if the user has logged in already or not) can be found when typing in a name in the recommendation, mention or share field. Learn more

Question escalation

The question escalation function makes sure the number of unsolved questions can be managed and kept to a minimum. Learn more

Question reporting

With this feature activated, inappropriate questions can be reported by any user at any time. Learn more

Solution approval

The solution approval feature allows you to define one or several groups with one or several members each that have the opportunity to post answers, not only in their name but also as part of a certain group. Learn more

Solution validation

Solution validation can be activated to support keeping the content on Starmind up-to-date at any time. Learn more

Solution value

This is a pop-up which appears when the question author rates an answer to his/her own question with 4 or 5 stars. Learn more

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