Share your feedback

Rating questions is a great way to keep content on your network high-quality

Rating an answer is a great way to provide feedback to the answer author. Rating answers helps to keep the quality of the content on your network high.

To help users feel safe to provide honest feedback, ratings are entirely anonymous.
This means your name will remain anonymous to the question author and administrators when rating an answer.

How to rate an answer

To rate an answer, click on the stars.

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If you provide a high rating for a question, you'll be asked how much time the answer helped you save. This is feedback is optional, but it's is a valuable method to determine how much time Starmind can save you and your network.


If you provide a star rating of two or lower, you'll see an overlay asking you to provide the answer author helpful feedback on they can improve their answer. If you add feedback, it will show up as a comment on the question with your name, but the question author will not see your rating.


Read about how to earn the Quality Assurance badge for rating answers here.