Starmind Gigs brings the gig economy in-house

Starmind Gigs

Starmind Gigs is a new module, integrated into Starmind’s core product, that allows employees to collaborate freely with each other by posting or taking part to internal gigs.

Starmind Gigs is an inclusive environment where anyone can post any kind of opportunity (gigs) - like short tasks, initiatives, or brainstorming sessions - or join a gig to help other co-workers get the job done faster.

Think of it as an internal marketplace that contains a list of temporary jobs, posted by employees who need help to get the work done. Co-workers can join and give their support, working together on their topics of interest.

How to create a Gig

Define a title – a concise headline to let co-workers understand the gig's topic.


Add a description to let other colleagues read more details about the gig.


Tags are automatically added but you can add additional ones to connect with the right people.


Check the preview to be sure anything is missing and instantly publish your gig!


At this point, internal experts get notified.

Any employee can see the list of Gigs published and get in touch via email, MS Teams or Slack to offer support to get the job done quicker.


Why go Gigs?

In large organizations employees often work in silos - on their own or as part of an insular team or department. Connecting with unknown co-workers to solve a problem or to simply share ideas or get different perspectives on a topic can be very difficult.

Starmind Gigs is a game-changing module that brings transformative benefits, including:

  • Break down knowledge silos by improving cross functional and unplanned collaboration

  • Enhance diversity, inclusion and sense of belonging by providing a place where employees can expand their network and work together to achieve the same goal

  • Drive digital transformation by creating gigs for internal initiatives and letting people spontaneously drive important strategic initiatives