Starmind Success Center

How it works

Basic Features

Find out about email settings and content import options

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Optional Features

Find out about the options for user engagement you have as an Admin

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What does AI mean at Starmind? How does Starmind know about skills and expertise?

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Getting started

Strategy & Project Objectives

Define your strategy and project objectives with Starmind.

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Pre-kick-off Questions

Learn more about the most important questions when implementing Starmind.

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Roll-out Process

Our roll-out process helps you keeping things organised.

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Adoption project plan

This collection of to-do's will support you to get things done.

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Pioneer Program

How can you boost the usage of Starmind? The pioneers program can help out.

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Learn about our best practices to communicate around Starmind.

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Success factors

Community Management

How to ensure ongoing success of your network

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Learn more about how to incorporate Starmind into your HR Processes

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Virtual Success Manager

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User Activation

Keep your network buzzing with new content and new users

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Change Management

Drive adoption through powerful communication and strategy.

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Content Quality

Make the most out of the contributions on your network

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Learn from successful client initiatives

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Technical deep-dive

Authentication & User Management

Keep your user base up to date and enable them with an easy login.

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Integrate Starmind seamlessly into your existing environment.

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Access company-wide intelligence using Starmind Connectors

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Access Starmind directly from your devices.

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Release Notes

Find everything that's coming up on your Starmind network here

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Insight Community

Join our Starmind ambassador community (customers only)

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Status Updates

Subscribe to real-time information about the status of the Starmind datacenters

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Bug Reporting

Report bugs that you have noticed directly to our product team

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Additional Requests

Request further support, e.g. specific data imports or data exports

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Access product and compliance documentations

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