Starmind Microsoft Teams Personal App

The right knowledge. From the right people. At the right time.

Help team members connect to expert knowledge from anywhere in your business, whenever they need it — and transform the way your organization works. AI-powered by Starmind's real-time, organization-wide Expertise Directory fully integrated with Microsoft Teams.

The app is implemented as a personal app that every user can add and pin to the left sidebar available on Microsoft Teams Desktop and Mobile. The app is also accessible within Microsoft 365 and Outlook clients.

The app loads the Starmind SaaS Web App within the context of the authenticated user. The implemented OAuth flow allows users to log in once (OAuth PKCE), and the integration will then take over and reauthenticate the user in the background every time the app is used.



To rollout the Starmind Teams Personal App for your Starmind network, request the installation via our technical support channel providing the Starmind network domain and your organization's Microsoft 365 tenant ID. The Starmind tech support team will let you know once the Starmind Teams Personal App is ready to use with your Starmind network. The Starmind Teams Personal App is available on all Starmind plans for the time being.


Once you got the green light from Starmind, you can start installing and testing the Starmind Teams Personal App from the Microsoft Teams app store.

  1. Open your Microsoft Teams app
  2. Select Apps in the side bar
  3. Search Starmind
  4. Select Add, once the app is ready, you will be present with the Starmind Microsoft Teams Personal App login screen. Please proceed with the log in to your Starmind network.

Organization-wide rollout

In order to achieve an organization-wide roll out, proceed with the following steps.

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams admin center
  2. Select manage apps section
  3. Search for Starmind and select it
  4. Press "Install for everyone" to make the app accessible for the whole organization.
    1. To make the app accessible for only a subset of users, configure a new or existing app setup policy and install the Starmind Microsoft Teams app only for the defined user groups that already have access to the Starmind network. These groups are usually the same groups as already configured for Starmind SSO via Microsoft Entra ID (former Microsoft Active Directory)

 Custom App

We also support to install the Starmind Teams Personal app as custom app if required. This might come with limited configuration options for admins to rollout the app on Microsoft Teams, Microsoft365 and Outlook.

Microsoft Teams allows developers within your organization to build, test, and deploy custom apps for organization's internal users. Such apps are called custom apps or Line of Business (LOB) apps. Admins control the rollout of and permissions for custom apps using various settings and policies.

Microsoft maintains detailed support documentation on publishing a custom app by uploading an app package. This documentation can be found here.

You can download the latest Starmind Teams Personal app package in .zip format from our download portal.

Control access to the custom app

By default, all users in your organization can access the app in your organization's app store. To restrict and control who has permission to use the app, you can create and assign an app permission policy. To learn more, see Manage app permission policies in Teams.

 Raise support request

We are always here to help, please reach out to us.