Content import

You can upload a list of questions to be shown on your network before inviting users to the network. To bulk upload questions to a network, complete the Import questions excel template. To find the template, go to Admin Area > Content management > Questions > Import questions. Please download the most recent version of the template before completing it.

  • How to complete the template

Fill in the required fields, including:

  1. Question (required): Type in your question
  2. Language ID (optional): Define the key language used in the question. To do this, utilize the language codes below.
  3. Keyword (required): Enter a keyword (tag) that relates to your question
  4. Additional Keywords (optional): Additional keywords are optional
  5. Questioner Email (required): Enter the email address of the questioner. The question will still appear anonymous.
  6. Question details (optional): add more information or explanation to the question
  7. Solver Email: Enter the question answer's email address
  8. Answer description (optional): Describe the answer and any add additional information
  9. Timestamp (optional): Enter date and time for questions and answers
  10. Rating (optional): Enter answer rating
  11. Knowledge Space (optional): Enter a Knowledge Space
  12. When the prefill template is complete, upload the excel file.


Please note:

Every knowledge space has its own unique ID. For a correct "user to knowledge space" assignment, you need to add that ID in the template in one of the available knowledge space columns. You can find the ID of the knowledge space in the URL when editing it in the admin section (e.g. https://{yourNetwork}/admin/content/knowledge-spaces/{ID}/)

Please note, the format below is required for the language and timestamp columns:

Language code:

cn – Chinese
de – German
en – English
es – Spanish
fr – French
it – Italian