With the gamification feature, users collect points for activities (asking questions, writing answers and receiving ratings) and thus, reach new levels according to their score. This feature incentivizes users to be active on Starmind, as they are rewarded with level-up notifications and their score and level is visible to everyone on their user profile (image 1) and a notification is sent every time a user reaches a new level (image 2). With gamification enabled, the level of each user can be displayed next to the user name (image 3).

If Gamification is enabled, administrators can export a list of users with their user score level and points at the start and at the end of a selected period. Exporting user levels and points can be used to identify and reward users who have reached a new level. The export can be found in the administration interface in the "analytics" section.
Here is how the levels and points are displayed in the user profile:


This notification is sent out when a user reaches a new level:


See here how the level appears under the user name (optional):


The following actions will result in points:

  • Write a question (300 points)
  • Write an answer (500 points)
  • Write a comment (20 points)
  • Recommend an expert (50 points)
  • Receive a rating to your answer (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 points)
  • Get a comment upvote (10 points)
  • Unique view at a question (5 points)

The diagram shows the required points for each level: