Virtual Success Manager

The Virtual Success Manager (VSM) is designed to help ensure your network is thriving. The dashboard allows you to intervene when required to steer your network back to success.

The VSM provides an overview of how your network is performing based on specific success metrics. The provided metrics are benchmarks from healthy networks and clearly show which actions make the biggest impact on a network’s success.

A large part of building and maintaining a healthy network is ensuring you’ve met three important onboarding targets. The VSM shows where your network stands percentage-wise on these targets:

Activated users - how many invited users are activated

  • More active users on a network equals more experts to collaborate, increased speed to answers, and a broader and more diverse knowledge base for self-resolution.

Users with a job title - how many activated users have included a job title in their profile

  • Including a job title is an important element of expert identification. A job title helps our AI learn more about a user's knowledge and areas of expertise, meaning faster and accurate identification and matching.

Users subscribed to a topic - how many users are subscribed to at least three topics

  • Subscribing to topics results in increased speed to answers and a more personalized experience for users (i.e., greater adoption and retention).

You’ll find a helpful tooltip with links to more information detailed for each of the targets, while the module buttons work as follows:

  • Resend invitations (Activated users) - will resend an activation invitation to all unactivated users in your network
  • Manage categories (Subscribe to topics) will bring you to the Categories page under App settings

What network success metrics matter most?

The VSM dashboard also includes the three most impactful network success metrics. The success metrics include:

  • 80% of all questions in the network are answered
  • The average time it takes for a user to get an answer is 2hrs
  • The average solution rating in the network is 4 stars

If your network is not reaching its targets, you can take direct action from the VSM dashboard to make improvements. A status icon next to each metric will show if attention is needed. From the VSM you can see which steps to take to help your network reach its targets.

In a tooltip next to each target, you will find links to suggested actions, other statistics and additional information. The suggested actions are provided to help quickly increase your network’s success metrics.

We highly recommend visiting your VSM dashboard regularly to keep an eye on your network’s health.