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Why ask Starmind?
Ask a question video tutorial
How to ask a question

Why ask Starmind?

We all know the frustration of trying to find an answer quickly so we can get unstuck. In fact, on average we spend up to a month a year searching for the information we need to do our jobs.

Starmind helps you spend more time focused on work that matters and less time searching for answers.

Instead of sorting through Google Drive or trying to determine who on Slack might have an answer, post your question on Starmind. Starmind's powerful algorithm will automatically find the best person in your organization to answer. In most networks answers arrive in two hours or less.

With Starmind you have access to the intelligence of your entire organization, at your fingertips.

Download the Starmind Mobile and Desktop app and get access to answers wherever you are.

Ask a question video tutorial

How to ask a question on Starmind

Start by clicking ASK located the top left corner of the home page and a pop-up window will appear. Type your question into the window, hit post, and you're done. Question authors are always anonymous.

What are all those items on the Ask pop-up window?

  1. Where the question will appear: If the optional Knowledge Spaces feature is enabled, users have a chance to pick where they want to post their question - in a knowledge space or in a general feed. If the feature is disabled, this element is not displayed in the question overlay.
  2. Question title: Type your question title in this text box. Remember to ask short and clear questions to help others understand your question. Pro tip: start your question with words like where, when, how, who, why.
  3. Similar questions: As you type your question, you will see any similar questions that have been asked before.
  4. Question description: In this additional text box, you can add more context to your question. This step may be required depending on your network's settings. The icons at the bottom of the pop-up allow you to add extra information to your question description. You can add links, images, videos, files and even emojis. You can also add code snippets. The text editor supports markdown shortcuts.
  5. Add an attachment
  6. Add a link
  7. Add an image
  8. Add a video
  9. Add a code snippet
  10. Add an emoji
  11. Tags: Tags are automatically extracted from the Question Title, Description, and Category. Starmind's AI correlates the tags with user's profiles. Users with skills that match the tags identified will be notified when the question is posted. You can preview, delete and add tags by clicking on the tag icon. See this article for a deep-dive on the topic.
  12. Category: Categories add more context to your question and help find the right expert to answer your question. Categories are an optional feature and will only appear if the feature is toggled on.
  13. Post Anonymously: Within moments of posting your question, all relevant experts in your network will be notified. The new question will appear at the top of the Feed.
  14. The Quality Meter: Quality questions (green) get better answers. The quality meter bar will move towards green as more information is added to the question. Writing clearly, being detailed, adding tags, and applying a category to your question will result in a high-quality question (green).

Why are question posers anonymous?
Our research shows that anonymity increases the number of questions asked. In fact, there was a 30% drop in questions asked when the question poser was not anonymous. Experts answering and commenting on questions are not anonymous. The question poser will always remain anonymous on any communication they make (comments, replies, etc.) on a question created by them.

What happens after a question is posted?
Relevant experts are immediately notified via email of any questions matching topics in their profile. The majority of questions on Starmind are answered within 2 hours. The Question poser will be notified when there is an answer, comment, or a reply on their post. Anyone can recommend the question to other experts that may not be listed.

Download the Starmind Desktop and Mobile App (add links) to have access wherever you are.