This feature can be used to pass news to users: new features you would like them to know about, new user groups that have been onboarded or any other special information. The title of the announcement appears as question and is always on top of the question stream and highlighted in color. A user can read the full announcement by clicking on "Learn more" and dismiss the announcement by clicking on the cross in the top right corner. If a user dismisses the announcement, it never reappears.

Announcements can be set up, edited and deleted in the admin tool under "Extensions" where help texts are visible for all parts and previews of announcements can be seen. Please ask your Rollout PM if you have any questions about setting up announcements.

An announcement will appear for all users on the start date and disappear when it is dismissed or at the end date at the latest. Is not possible to see two announcements at the same time; if two announcements are scheduled for the same time, only one is displayed and is replaced by the other after being dismissed. The announcement can contain text, links, images and restricted text formatting. For details on formatting options, please contact your Rollout PM.

When implementing an announcement, you can decide if you want to send it as an e-mail notification as well. If so, you have the choice of either sending it to all users or to only activated users. The e-mail announcement contains the same information as as the full announcement on the Starmind interface with slight changes to the design: only plain text and links are possible. Also, any image is alway placed at the top of the text. The announcement is ended with a button that links to Starmind. The text of this button can also be chosen by you.

To be defined by you:
Activation on frontend only or also as e-mail notification
If activated as notification: to be sent to all users or activated users
Start and end date
Content items (as described below)
See an example of an e-mail announcement on the network and as e-mail and find the description of all adjustable parts below. More details on the content parts can be seen when working on announcement in the admin area.

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