How to get in touch

We would like to share a short overview of our contact channels with you.

Help Center:

This is the first point of contact for all of our customers. In our help center you can find links to all other contact channels we mention below. What is in it besides links?

You can find a lot of information around:

  • the functionalities of our software
  • the release information
  • the integrations and connectors with technical deep dives for the IT department
  • best practices of other customers
  • and even more deep dives on other technical topics like the API

Status page:

On this page you get informed if we have major outages in the data centers which influence your network. You can also subscribe to it and get notifications as soon as something pops up.

Our Report Center:

In this center you are able to choose between two ticket types. The first one is for bugs and you should use it whenever you find a bug on your network. Why should you submit it there? Because you get an overview of all your tickets and have the current status right on sight. Furthermore it also allows us to give you a faster answer when I am on holiday or have a packed day with workshops.

The second one is for additional requests not covered in the admin area. So whenever you need a special data export, new approval stamps, to grant admin rights or some other additional request, just put it in here.

Starmind insight:

As you may already know, this is our network for our customer project teams to exchange best practices around communications and integrations.

In this network you can ask other Starmind customers anything you want to know around Starmind or other topics you want to connect to other experts.

And of course whenever something is not clear you can contact your Customer Success Team directly.