Ask-Question Widget

The Ask Widget allows users to ask and/or search questions directly within Starmind from an external webpage. Most commonly, the Ask Widget is embedded in intranets and help desks, but can also be applied wherever a widget is possible.

Usage Examples

Technical Documentation


  1. The widget requires a small amount of HTML and a loader script to work. Use the
<!-- Starmind Widget loader -->
<script src="" async defer></script>

<!-- Starmind Widget markup -->
<div class="stmw-search"
  1. You need to adjust the "data-domain" to your specific Starmind domain.

  2. Choose a name that describes best where the widget is placed and add it as "data-source".


You can adjust the widget as follows:

ParameterAccepted ValuesRequiredDescription
data-domainUse the domain name where your Starmind instance is located.Set the domain name for the Starmind instance. Do not add "/" at the end.
e.g. ""
data-sourcestringChoose a name that best describes where the widget is placed.
data-widget-type"SearchWidget", "askWidget"XThis will determine the overall function of your widget. "AskWidget" will lead the user to create a new question. "SearchWidget" will lead the user to a query of their input.
data-locale"de-CH", "de-DE", "en-US", "es-ES", "fr-FR", "it-IT", "zh-CN"XSets widget language.
(Note: the "locale" value is case-sensitive)
data-target"_self" (opens in the same tab)
"_blank" (opens in new tab)
XDefines where Starmind should open.
All HTML Hex Color Codes
All HTML Hex Color Codes
XDefines the font color that is used in the widget.
data-button-colorAll HTML Hex Color Codes
XDefines the button font color that is used in the widget.
data-widthE.g. 240px or 100%XSets the width of the widget. Default the widget is responsive.
data-border-radiusInteger between 0 and 20XSets the CSS border in px for the widget
data-bordertrue, falseXOption to disable the border of the widget