Starmind HR Onboarding

A well-defined and effective employee onboarding program is a challenge for most organizations and forms a key element in terms of talent management, productivity & retention. Unfortunately, many companies often fail to fully implement an effective, seamless onboarding process for their new hires. A poor onboarding experience can lead to:

  • High staff turnover
  • Low employee satisfaction
  • High onboarding cost
  • Delayed or reduced employee productivity
  • Poor handover from candidate experience to employee experience

How can Starmind help?

A well-designed onboarding process can add tremendous tangible value to an organization and its employees. As a part of this process we recommend integrating Starmind into the onboarding flow as it brings the following benefits:

  • New joiners have instant access to a company's entire network of peers
  • The most frequently asked onboarding questions can be covered without the need for continual repetition
  • SME/direct Managers onboarding workload will decrease over time
  • New employees will spend less time searching for answers and will be work-ready and more productive in less time
  • Quick and easily accessible knowledge available 24/7
  • It allows for unbiased & anonymous knowledge sharing

What onboarding content could be covered on Starmind?

Everything that could be useful for a new joiner. Examples include:

  • Company overview
  • Department-specific workflows
  • What is important for me on the first day?
  • Tips & tricks about the country?
  • Relocation FAQs?
  • Introductions about OKRs & appraisal workflows
  • Introduction about internal IT systems
  • Information about group/leisure activities

A good approach to the above-mentioned themes would be to create topic-specific categories. By filtering the question stream based on categories, a user can easily find all the relevant content without the need to search for individual questions. For more information on how to add categories to your network see this article.

How can Starmind be implemented into the onboarding process?

As every company and potentially even departments have an individual onboarding process the right approach will differ. The sky is the limit, but below are some examples of how Starmind can be integrated into an onboarding process:

  • Refer to Starmind in the new-hire packet
  • Introduce Starmind to new employees during the official welcome day
  • Personal introduction via new joiner's direct manager
  • Have Starmind implemented on the companies intranet
  • If a component of the onboarding includes self-learning via an LMS tool think about creating a Starmind Module and cover how the platform can enhance an employee's daily work life

How to measure success?

We recommend measuring the impact of integrating Starmind into onboarding workflows by monitoring the metrics suggested below. These metrics will improve over time and can include:

  • Improved agility
  • Time saved searching for an answer
  • Ramp up time/Increase productivity
  • Retention (reduced attrition in the 6 months to a year category)
  • eNPS
  • Reduce the burden on direct managers answering questions
  • Reduced effort in updating LMS onboarding presentations due to the availability of up to the minute information