User Activation

Your network is live. You rolled it out to all of your userbases and your Starmind-community is thriving and active, but still, you haven’t reached all of your potential users and user activation numbers are slowing down or stagnating.

This can be due to many different factors:

  • new employees or potential new users are not being informed about the Starmind network
  • The purpose and value of Starmind is not clear to users
  • The benefits of Starmind for every user are not clear
  • Sharing information is regarded as problematic
  • There are concerns about data security or privacy
  • A user didn’t come back after the first visit that didn’t meet their expectations

What can you do to increase user activation numbers?

This is how you can tackle these issues:

  • Integrate Starmind into Onboarding processes. Your Starmind Customer Success Manager can give you best practices and tell you how you can work with Connectors or Integrations to increase the onboarding speed of your new hires and the benefits of the Starmind network to all employees.
  • Hold information sessions about Starmind on a regular basis. There are different options for information sessions, they can be done remotely as Web sessions, in-person during team meetings, townhalls, lunch breaks, or formats like articles, newsletters, internal magazines or intranets. Talk to your Customer Success Manager for Starmind-hosted Web sessions on Introduction to Starmind, Starmind Deep Dive or Starmind Algorithm Insights.
  • Strengthen the “what’s in it for me” for each department/group. As a help, take the questions from the pre-kick-off questions to determine if the overall objectives for the network are also what is driving each department and if different groups need differing messages.
  • Check if there are cultural/historical hurdles that prevent an open environment where people feel safe to share information/expertise.
  • Create a safe space where people feel secure to raise concerns or questions about Starmind and respond to them respectfully. You can establish this by posting community guidelines on the network with a reminder for friendly exchange and contacts to internal contact persons.
  • Hold an information campaign around data security/anonymity/confidentiality on Starmind.
  • Make sure to use regular communication to keep Starmind top-of-mind.