Analytics (beta)


Important information to the new analytics dashboard (beta)

The following article includes information about the new analytics dashboard that currently runs in a beta version. If you are a Starmind customer that has no access, please reach out to your responsible CSM contact person. We're happy to enable the dashboard for you upon request.

In this article, you can learn about the most important analytics functionalities and metrics.


In the table below, you can find all available metrics. The columns "description" and "excluded" give you more information about how each metric is calculated.

Whenever you apply a department and/or country filter, we filter the metrics by the "acting" users. You find that information in the "filtering by ..." column.

MetricDescriptionExcludedFiltering by ...
AnswersTotal number of answersPre-loaded answers; answers that got deleted within the selected start and end date; answers by system usersAnswer authors
Answered questionsTotal number of questions that got solved between selected start and end dateQuestion authors
Answer viewsTotal number of answer viewsUsers that viewed answers
Average answer ratingAverage answer ratings over all given given ratings between start and end date. Inclusive ratings that got updated in the selected date range.Users that rated
CommentsTotal number of commentsComments deleted between start and end date; comments by system usersComment authors
Content distributionCreated content broken down by questions, answers and comments relative to the total numberUsers that posted questions, answers and comments
QuestionsTotal number of questionsPre-loaded questions; questions that were published before the network go-live date; questions that got deleted within the selected start and end dateQuestion authors
Question viewsTotal number of question viewsUsers that viewed questions
RecommendationsTotal number of recommendationsUsers that recommended


You can filter the metrics by the following dimensions:

  • country;
  • department

The dropdown lists contain values that the users have entered in their profiles. You can either scroll through the list or type directly into the field.

Tipp: If you want to filter by directly typing into the country field, you will be faster if you search by the country's ISO code.