The onboarding of Starmind users can happen in waves or all at once. If users are invited across various time zones, we recommend adjusting the timing of the invitation to these zones. If user groups are invited in waves, we recommend splitting the initializing questions and importing them before every wave of users is invited. Our experience has shown that a combination of activities on the day of go-live results in the best activation rate.

In general, a short, precise mail that is sent on the day of go-live by the CEO or leader of the company inviting employees to use Starmind is a very efficient way of launching the tool. Ideally, you can attach the link to access Starmind as well as a quick Starmind introduction video and/or our Quick Reference Guide to that very mail. It is important to establish and mention to users from the start what the intention is, why the company and all employees need Starmind and what goal everyone would like to achieve with Starmind. Further, it is important to name a place or person that can be consulted in case of any questions. The day of onboarding should be accompanied by communication on other channels.

We recommend designating project team members to monitor the network on the day of onboarding and react to questions about Starmind which are asked on the network itself. This applies not only to the day of go-live, but to the entire lifespan of the network. You can facilitate this by setting up filters for terms such as Starmind or subscribe yourself or other users to specific tags via the admin interface. If you can't answer a question, feel free to post it on our client network, Starmind Insight, and you are sure to receive an answer. The same applies for user feedback via the Starmind feedback form.