Automatic translations

The automatic translation feature is an integrated feature that enables your employees to access knowledge in their preferred languages.

With diverse languages all over the world, Starmind provides a solution to overcome language barriers and help employees speaking different languages achieve common goals and work together faster.

Your employees will feel more integrated when having the opportunity to share knowledge and collaborate when they can ask and answer questions in their languages.

Language is no longer a barrier!


  • Break location silos
  • Remove language barriers
  • Provide inclusive knowledge exchange opportunities for every employee
  • Reduced searching time as employees don't have to translate content on their own

How does the automatic translation feature work?

Employees can pick their preferred language for the interface and notifications. Additionally, they can define the languages that need to be translated into their preferred language. Based on that setting, all the content is automatically translated on the fly.

While exploring content on Starmind, users will see a visual indication of translated content and the original language to give context. Users still have the option to see the content in its original language.

How and with which provider is the content translated?

All translations are provided by DeepL - a translation service that provides instant, accurate and secure translations.

Is translating with DeepL secure?

Yes, Starmind has a paid license including explicit terms (commercial and data protection agreement) with DeepL. The texts are deleted immediately after translation and are not used for any other purpose other than translation. DeepL does NOT use our content for any learning or other types of processing.

Further, DeepL carries out the translations only on servers in the EU (Cologne, DE). Themselves and their hosting providers are ISO 27001:2013 certified.

What languages are supported?

German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian

What is the difference between automatic translation and cross-lingual search?

The cross-lingual search feature allows users to search in one language and get answers in those languages they understand (according to their language settings). For instance, if a user searches for a word in English but also understands Italian, Starmind will show content that suits the search query in English and Italian. This feature enables users to find better-suited content, regardless of the language they use.

Below is an example with the word “Kunde”, meaning “client” in English. Starmind automatically surfaces matching results for German and English content related to the word “Kunde” (“client”).

In contrast, the automatic translation feature enables users to see the content automatically translated into their preferred languages.