Anonymity on Starmind

Are all questions on Starmind really anonymous?

Yes, they are.

Anonymity within Starmind is a standard feature that can't be disabled. Starmind goes to great lengths to ensure the privacy of question authors. We believe in creating a safe space to ask what you need to know to do your job, get unstuck and be productive. Anonymity also helps facilitate knowledge collaboration across hierarchical, generational and departmental silos.

Why are questions on Starmind anonymous?

We believe that individuals and organizations become more powerful when they’re asking questions and sharing knowledge. Research performed by Starmind and other independent knowledge management companies shows that people are 30% more likely to ask a question if they are anonymous. And we intend to keep it that way.

Can’t the network Admins see who asked each question?

No, not at all.

The image below is what Admins can see when viewing a specific question in the Admin Area. It’s the same data any user can see when looking at a question. Admins can edit and delete questions and comments, but they cannot see who the asked the question.

Admins can run data exports to check the growth and activity on your network, but even in those reports, question authors remain anonymous.

Can the Starmind team see who asked a question?


Our team can only view what you and admins can see. This ensures true anonymity. We also use Starmind within our company to share knowledge and exchange know-how. Questions within our own platform are also anonymous and will always remain anonymous.