The profile of a user

Learn how Starmind summarises the knowledge of each user

The Starmind profile of a user shows up to 15 relevant topics (areas of knowledge) for the user. This visualization is a dynamic representation of a person's expertise, that is continuously updated in real-time as new relevant interactions occur.

A score is displayed for each topic, representing how relevant the interactions with that topic are for the user. By clicking on a topic, the user can see a more detailed explanation of why this topic appears on their profile. The last category, called “public interactions”, will only show results if the Starmind network is configured to learn from connected data sources outside of the Starmind application.


An excerpt of the topics listed on a user profile. The topic "AWS" is expanded to show a more detailed explanation of how the user is connected to "AWS".

Some additional information, such as the percentage change in expertise score since the last 30 days, is only visible when a user is looking at their own profile.

Starmind chooses the most relevant topic based on several factors, most notably the number of interactions of the user with the topic and the specificity of the topic. A more specific topic like “workplace diversity” is more likely to appear compared to a more general one like “HR”, even if the total number of interactions of the user with “HR” is greater. This approach highlights the unique expertise of every user, creating significantly different profiles also for the users in the same department.

Most users have expertise on more topics than the 15 that are shown on the profile. Consequently, it is possible that a user appears when searching for experts on a topic, even when this topic does not appear on their profile. Conversely, it is also possible that a topic appears as one of the most relevant topics on the profile of a user, but the user is not the top expert on this topic when considering all users in the network.

Users have the option to add or remove some of the topics from the profile, keeping a maximum number of 15 topics. A topic that is explicitly added by the user is shown publicly on the profile, even when Starmind's AI did not deem this to be one of the most relevant topics.