MS Teams Connector

With our Microsoft Teams connector, Starmind can learn from users' chat messages. To ensure the privacy of the users, we only learn from public teams and channels. Private channels and one-on-one conversations are ignored. Also, Starmind will only learn from Teams if the technical user is part of that team.

Note: A user can join a private team only if the team owner adds them to the team. When creating a team, the owner chooses to make the team discoverable so that people can search for it in the teams gallery, or turn discoverability off so that people can only find the team if shared by a team member. Public teams are visible to everyone from the teams gallery and you can join them without getting approval from the team owner. (Source).
Note: Private channels in Microsoft Teams create focused spaces for collaboration within the teams. Only the users on the team who are owners or members of the private channel can access the channel. Anyone, including guests, can be added as a member of a private channel as long as they are already members of the team. (Source)
If you want to set up the Teams Connector, you can find all details in the setup documentation:

Setup Documentation


The chapter "Data Starmind has access to" describes which data we can read from Microsoft teams. We restrict access to the data as far as the API of MS Teams allows it. We limit the amount of data Starmind can read. The connector filters the data, which can not be excluded by access rights or filtering on the endpoint. More details on this topic are in the chapter “Data Starmind learns.”

Data Starmind learns from

As mentioned in the chapter above, the connector can only access groups where the technical user is a group member. Besides, the connector will only learn from public groups by default. So if the user were a member of a private group, this group is ignored on the connector level. This should prevent the connector from learning non-public data.

The customer can deactivate this option.


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