MS Exchange Calendar Connector

With our office 365 calendar connector, Starmind can learn from user’s calendar events. Starmind will learn from all events with at least two participants. To ensure the privacy of the users we only learn from public events (events that are not marked as private). The connector access the data from the meeting title and description and extract the relevant information in the forms of Tags and push this information to our Universal learning framework (ULF) for all the attendees.


Data Starmind Learns from

The connector only learns from events that have a sensitivity metrics as “normal”. All the personal, private and confidential events are excluded from learning.

Besides, Starmind learns only from events that are not canceled and have at least two attendees. These measures are in place to exclude non-public data and enrich the profiles of the attendees.


  • Azure Subscription
  • Office 365 Calendar (On-Premise and Hybrid mode calendars are not supported)