MS Teams Bot (Deprecated)

Note: This app is deprecated in favour of the Starmind Microsoft Teams Personal App.

MS Teams integration allows you to bring knowledge from starmind platform directly into your Teams environment. You can search for existing question and experts for a specific topic in starmind from teams. It also allows you to get in contact with the experts directly in one-on-one chat in teams.


Please refer to the official Microsoft documentation on how to publish a custom app to your organization's app store.

You can find the Manifest to install the MS Teams integration here: MS-Teams Manifest. When you have the app package, you can upload it to your organization's app store. Make sure that your organization allows uploading custom apps. More details on that on the Documentation of MS Teams. That you are allowed to upload the custom app, your App setup policy needs to allow it (more details).

Data-flow diagram

The Bot Framework is hosted on Microsoft Azure is running in our Starmind Azure subscription.

The Starmind backend that interacts with the Bot Framework is hosted in Swisscom (Switzerland) or in Azure (Ireland), again in our Azure subscription. Which hosting is used depends on how you chose to deploy the Starmind app in your Teams environment.

What data is sent to the Starmind bot?

What data is sent to the Starmind bot depends on the action of the user and in which context it was performed. The context can be a channel, group chat, private application chat, or a message. The message context is a bit special and is different from the others. It can be accessed directly from an existing message through the ... overflow menu. Click on "More actions" and the Starmind icon.

In most cases, the Starmind bot receives the input of the user ("@starmind find experts for Teams") and information about the user itself (name, email, Teams user ID). In case of a message, we receive the original content of the message as well.

A bot can access additional context data about a team or chat where it is installed. This information is used to enrich the bot's functionality and provide a more personalized experience.