Download the Starmind desktop and mobile apps

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Starmind desktop app

Starmind's desktop app gives you access to Starmind directly from your desktop. The desktop app is identical to the web app but allows you to receive desktop notifications, which helps you know when your help is needed or one of your questions has been answered.

The desktop app is an optional feature and that your admin can enable. If you'd like to use the Starmind desktop app and have access to on-demand knowledge, contact your Starmind admin. Starmind will then activate the desktop app for your network.

Read technical FAQs here.

Download the latest version of the Starmind Desktop App here.

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Starmind mobile app

With Starmind's mobile app, you have access to on-demand knowledge in your pocket. The mobile app is almost identical to Starmind's web app, but it's mobile-friendly.

Easily ask questions, quickly answer coworker's questions and keep up-to-date with all that's happening on your network.

If you'd like to download the Starmind mobile app for android or Apple, contact your Starmind admin.