Who can you find on Starmind?

Connect with coworkers across departments, roles and locations

Who's on Starmind?

Starmind gives you access to the knowledge of your entire organization. It connects you to the people who know — across geographical, hierarchical and cultural boundaries.

Within large organizations, it's impossible to know everyone within your company and even more difficult to know who has the answers you need.

Starmind takes the guesswork out. Simply post an anonymous question on Starmind and it will be automatically routed to the best people within your company to answer — regardless of their position, department or location.

You'll be notified as soon as your question is answered.

How to find people on Starmind

You can use the search to find experts by name or by topics they know about. For example, searching for blogs will result in people who know about blogs and content related to blogs.

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